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GRDC SPAA PA Grower Needs Assessment Survey

Thanks for taking the time to fill in this survey. This GRDC funded project is designed to provide the information you need to maximise your profitability through the application of precision agriculture. Your responses to this survey will ensure that the resources and training developed in the project will be as relevant as possible to your situation.

The survey is designed for easy responses with mostly ‘tick-box’ answers and so is expected to take only about 10 minutes to complete (25 questions in total). If you can’t answer a question, then please leave blank and move on to the next. You will remain anonymous in this survey. Results will be collated with other respondents in your region and will not be presented individually.

All completed surveys will be entered into a draw to win one of three SPAA memberships (one per GRDC region) – you will automatically be redirected to a new form following survey completion to collect your details.

For further information about the survey, Please contact: Nicole Dimos SPAA Society Precision Agriculture Australia Tel: 0437 422 000; Email:

We use the ISPA definition of precision agriculture which is…“Precision Agriculture is a management strategy that gathers, processes and analyses temporal, spatial and individual data and combines it with other information to support management decisions according to estimated variability for improved resource use efficiency, productivity, quality, profitability and sustainability of agricultural production”, International Society of Precision Agriculture 2019.
This question requires a valid number format.
4. Type of Farm
6. What is the variability of soils across your farm?
7. What are the Top 5 priorities or areas for improvement for your farming operation? [Please only select up to 5 or list others]
8. Please select all the key soil constraints faced on your farm
10. How would you rate your level of understanding of using precision agriculture to improve farm productivity and profitability?
 012345678910 N/A
Very lowVery high
11. The following precision agriculture equipment generates or uses data that can be used to help improve farm productivity and profitability. Which of the following do you a) use or b) own but not use? [Please select those that you use and/or own but don’t use]
Space Cell UseOwn but don't use
GPS guidance
Yield monitor
Protein monitor
Targeted, precision soil sampling
Weather station(s)
Soil moisture probe(s)
Targeted plant tissue testing
Variable rate seeder (manual or automatic)
Variable rate spreader (manual or automatic)
Variable rate sprayer
Section control
Optical spray technology
Remote or proximal sensed imagery
12. What is your level of confidence in using precision agriculture equipment to capture data e.g. generating yield maps (whether you currently own this equipment or not)?
 012345678910 N/A
Very lowVery high
13. How confident are you in using the data generated by PA equipment to assist in decision making e.g. the use of prescription fertiliser/lime maps?
 012345678910 N/A
Very lowVery high
15. If you own, but don’t use the data generated by this equipment, why not? [select all that apply]
16. Which of the following methods or tools do you use to analyse or interpret the data to help you make decisions about crop or paddock management? [select all that apply]
17. The following tools are available for use or can be generated by data downloaded from precision agriculture equipment. Which of the following do you or your agronomist a) use/create or b) have the ability to use/create but don’t? [select all that apply]
Space Cell UseHave ability but don’t use
Remotely sensed imagery (NDVI, drone, aerial or other imagery)
Yield maps
Profit maps
Actual and/or as applied fertiliser maps
Weed pressure maps
Actual and/or as applied spray maps
Machinery data (fuel use, engine load, elevation, maintenance,
productivity and application maps)
Targeted soil sampling (transect, grid, zone, multi depth)
Electromagnetic maps (Veris EC/Geonics EM38/DualEM/swat box/TSM/ARP03)
Targeted plant tissue testing
Proximal canopy sensing (i.e. GreenSeeker®)
18. If you can use/create these tools but don’t, why not? [select all that apply]
19. The following methods can be used as a result of data sourced from precision agriculture equipment to help improve farm productivity and profitability. Which of the following do you a) regularly use on farm b) want to learn more about? [Please select those that you use and/or would like to learn more about this method]
Space Cell UseWould like to learn more
Variable rate application of gypsum
Variable-rate sowing
Variable rate fertilising
Targeted application of micronutrients (by zone, or areas of a paddock)
Variable rate application of micronutrients
Variable rate spraying (herbicide, fungicide, insecticide)
Targeted soil amelioration techniques (manure, deep ripping)
20. What is your level of confidence in effectively using these listed above in Question 18?
 012345678910 N/A
Very lowVery high
21. How confident are you that the effort and cost of using Precision Agriculture will have a worthwhile benefit for your business?
 012345678910 N/A
Very lowVery high
22. What do you see as the main barriers to implementation of precision-agriculture on your farm? [select all that apply]
25. Given the emergence of COVID19 and the potential challenge with running workshops, what alternative methods of delivery would you be interested in? [select all that apply]